Established in 1974, the Capelli Boatyard at Spinadesco (Cremona, Northern Italy) has since become one of the leading manufacturers of small- to medium-sized boats. It was Davide Capelli’s love for the River Po, together with his limitless creativity, that gave him the impetus to set up a new business. He started out by building flat-keel riverboats out of fiberglass, and was soon joined by his young son, Umberto, who concentrated on designing and building new types of canoe intended for use in competitions.

The turning point came at the Genoa Boat Show in 1986, when the Capelli Boatyard unveiled the first 4.7 meter Fisherman – it was rapturously received.

In 1992, the company diversified its manufacturing to produce a line of fiberglass-keel inflatable boats which have gone on to win a substantial share of the market.

The boatyard currently manufactures 18 different models of fiberglass boat and 48 different inflatable boats.The success of the ever-evolving Capelli Boatyard can be attributed to two principal factors: the consistent quality of the boats themselves and the forward-looking organizational structure of the company.


We leave nothing to chance. By channelling the lessons we have learned over the years into the planning and design of every model we build, testing and re-testing each component before assembly, and devoting considerable time and effort to the quality of the finish, we ensure that the vessel we deliver to the client is in perfect condition.

The finest resins, marine plywood, solid teak, stainless steel, Neoprene Hypalon (Pennel & Flipo): these are just some of the high-quality products used in the manufacture of our boats.Another outstanding feature of Capelli-made boats and inflatables is the quality of the finish.
The levels of perfection we attain can only be reached thanks to our highly motivated and highly competent team of seasoned boatbuilding professionals, who have developed over the years a remarkable team spirit and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Organizational structure

The facility at Spinadesco incorporates the most advanced boatbuilding technologies available. It is sub-divided into sectors, with each sector taking care of a delineated stage in the production process: moulding fiberglass, applying paint, carpentry, mounting accessories, assembly. The sectors of the facility have been organized so as to provide levels of efficiency that are typical of large-scale industrial production lines.

These, then, are the secrets of boatbuilding, Capelli-style: young, dynamic management; pioneering solutions that cater to market demand, unparalleled standards of product quality.